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Judy Hopps versus Katojana by Jessica-Rae-3 Judy Hopps versus Katojana :iconjessica-rae-3:Jessica-Rae-3 299 0
Naruto Kyuubi Chronicles VII
Part VII:  Vicissitude
Tsunade rested her elbows on her table, listening intently to the genins plight. She looked over them, her face grave with concern. She looked up at Asuma, his sombre expression confirming the atrocities. After a while of thought she arose to her feet. ‘If Sarutobi-sama has sent for me, it would be a great dishonour to decline.’ She paced in thought. ‘Besides if Konoha is in danger I can’t just idle by’ she smiled at the genin. The group nodded, their specifications met. A collective wisp of smoke and they went on their way.
Ino sighed. Getting knee deep in dirt was so not cool. Still, Ten Ten didn’t seem perturbed, she worked away with idle concentration, not a single complaint. Ino groaned as she placed another brick in the wall, rolling her eyes under the supervision of the jounin.
Sarutobi’s face gleamed as he welcomed the party. ‘Miss Tsunade, it’s been a while’ He smiled, before lower
:iconpeppermint-tea:Peppermint-Tea 20 15
Naruto Kyuubi Chronicles VI.
Naruto Kyuubi Chronicles
Part VI: Reunion
Gai clambered across the rubble with fierce determination. Like a man possessed he cast the bricks and mortar aside, desperate for any signs of life. The heat and arenaceous cloak bore down upon him, smothering him, choking him.  He clung tightly to any hopes that his precious boy would still be alive, but it was an ever-increasing struggle to carry on. At this rate it was highly likely that he would suffocate within minutes. Another moment of frantic searching, Gai turned and rested haphazardly atop the debris, letting out a rough sigh before wiping the sweat and dust from his brow. The nausea began its invasion. His chest shook as he coughed raucously, releasing unbeknownst dust previously dormant on his lungs. He rested his head in his hands, conscious slowly slipping away from the search and the heat.
On the brink of the comforting slumber of his unconscious, Gai bolted upright at the sound of a small, weak noise. With rene
:iconpeppermint-tea:Peppermint-Tea 27 18
Kyuubi Chronicles Part III.
Part III: Anticipation.
Temari and Kankuro exchanged disturbed glances. Gaara was displaying those horrifying signs again, the ones that foretold unbridled destruction and sheer helplessness on their behalf. He shivered in anticipation, breathing heavy and eyes wide with expectance. He laughed manically, jolting with each gasp and power surging within him. 'I WANT TO FIGHT HIM!!' He shouted excitedly. His laugh grew weaker, still violent, and even more eerie. Temari sighed inside as she saw Gaara begin to calm down. Thank God. Gaara composed himself, straightening his posture and thinning his eyes to their usual coldness. A voice as harsh as gravel, but as chilling as the winter mist. The type of voice that was reflected with the calm of a storm, calm and collected, but at what cost? Facing his back to Kankuro and Temari, he said calmly, 'I'll kill him…'
Temari froze, never daring to question her brother. 'What about the mission?!' Kankuro shouted, anger rising in his voi
:iconpeppermint-tea:Peppermint-Tea 31 30
Kyuubi Chronicles Part VIII.
Naruto Kyuubi Chronicles
Part VIII: Closure
Tsunade smiled as the child beamed at her from his bedside. ‘Thanks Miss Tsunade, it feels a lot better now!’ he smiled, admiring the cast on his leg. Sarutobi smiled at her with pride, ‘I’m very glad I sent for you. There’s no one else with such healing prowess as yourself, Tsunade.’ She laughed, a little embarrassed. ‘It’s nothing, really…’ she ruffled the child’s hair before leaning over a windowsill.
She smiled contently. ‘It’s amazing how well the restoration has been over such few months…’ She gazed out of the window, scanning the new structures and rebuilt shops, things were as they were before. People milling about with errands and shopping, enthusiastic students pouring out of the Academy, friends chatting with friends in a casual manner. It was as if the whole scene was untouched, unscathed. As if the whole events had never happened.
Tsunade pulled her
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Naruto Kyuubi Chronicles V.
Naruto Kyuubi Chronicles
Part V: Dissatisfaction.
The Hokage did not turn to face him, instead he stared lifelessly out of the window, concern and worry clouding his soul. 'I've lived a long time, Kakashi, and few other ninja do I have faith in as I do you. Never have I seen such troubled times for our village.' Kakashi stirred, 'I-' 'The Kyuubi is free once more, restrained somewhat, yes, but still an unimaginable threat.' Hokage interrupted. 'Gaara also possesses incredible strength, perhaps too great for such a child… and with news of Orochimaru's presence within our village walls… these are dark days indeed.' Kakashi nodded sombrely.
Gaara swept his arm, sending waves of sand arms grasping towards Naruto. He darted to the side before leaping up, arms colliding and reforming, desperate for a hold. Naruto moved with graceful agility, before charging towards Gaara. He had forgotten about the sand below, and it was more than eager to snatch. Naruto cursed as the sand enclosed ar
:iconpeppermint-tea:Peppermint-Tea 34 15
Naruto Kyuubi Chronicles IV.
Naruto Kyuubi Chronicles
Part IV: Consolation
The Council turned and stared at the young jounin. Pounding chest, grasping for breath, an alarming sense of urgency. 'Hokage-sama!!' he shouted. 'There's been a disturbance in the village!' Hokage stared, the same stolid expression as always. 'Very well Genma', he said 'care to describe this disturbance?'. Genma scanned the council. 'It's Naruto and that Gaara kid' he said, 'they've started brawling in the square. That Gaara's sand has damaged a load of buildings and Naruto… he's not as he seems… ' Genma trailed off. Kakashi raised an eyebrow in collected intrigue. 'We've lost eleven genin and chunin, and several other ninja are already seriously damaged'.
The Hokage's stern face faltered a little. He stared down into his hands and paused in thought. Izumo and Kotetsu exchanged uncertain glances. 'To have lost eleven of our ninja, and to have injured several others…from a mere clash between two genin? Clearly all is not as it seems'
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Naruto Kyuubi Chronicles II.
Part II: Annihilation.
Flowering arranging was a relaxing change of pace, although Sakura did admit to being a little bored. She hummed absent-mindedly as she sorted through the lilies and reeds, her mind wandering elsewhere. The day was sunny and mild, warm without being too hot. A pleasant breeze gently stirred the flowers surrounding her, Sakura closed her eyes and basked her head in the sun's gentle warmth. Footsteps from behind interrupted her peaceful doze.
Sakura stared for a minute. It was Naruto, all right, but he seemed different somehow. His blonde hair seemed longer, spikier, and it wavered s
lightly as he moved. His entire gait seemed different, serious, confident but not as he was earlier…
'Hey, Naruto! Where've you been?' She called to him. 'You seen Sasuke anywhere lately?'
Naruto offered no signs of acknowledgement.
'And what's with that jacket? It's all burnt and is that blood?! Did something happen?!'
Still he walked onwards.
'Heyyyy Narutooo! I'm talking to y
:iconpeppermint-tea:Peppermint-Tea 62 43
Naruto Kyuubi Chronicles.
Part I: Change.
Naruto awoke in a daze, the summer's sun enveloping him in a warm, comforting slumber. Jiraiya stood above him, impatient with the boy's prolonged rest. 'Get up', he commanded. Naruto stumbled clumsily to his feet, struggling to gain knowledge of his surroundings and understanding of Jiraiya's seriousness. 'Today's the last day of training, if you value your life you'd better figure things out for yourself'. Before Naruto had a chance to comprehend his sensei's words, Jiraiya pushed against Naruto's headband, sending the poor unsuspecting boy plummeting from one of the highest cliffs in Konoha.
Jiraiya peered over the edge of the cliff, keenly eyeing the falling child as a hawk watches its prey. Now, he thought, let's see if your power really is a gift or a curse…
The air was forced from Naruto's lungs. He was falling, and fast. All he could do was scream in terror as he plummeted towards the ground. The razor-like air burned and tore as it soared p
:iconpeppermint-tea:Peppermint-Tea 81 21
Naruto and the Kyuubi
"What the...? Naruto said as he looked down the crimson road before him.
Naruto, unable to think straight, walked along the crimson road, which led him to an area with plain white cement as the flooring. The surrounding area was empty; the crimson color from the leading road soaking into the white cement, as if it never existed. He continued to walk, leaving prints of blood on the cement flooring. Regardless of the pain and blood, Naruto continued walking forward. As he went forward, he became gradually aware of his surroundings. He asked himself questions, such as 'Where am I?', 'Why am I here?', 'Is this a dream?'.
Naruto began to see different things around him as he walked. He pondered on what they were, until it struck him. They were his memories. He saw things he didn't even believe he remembered. He saw all his dreams and actions from birth to now. Amazed at the surrounding memories, he had trouble catching his breath. Then, one memory had caught Naruto's attention completely, a
:iconsikono:Sikono 88 28
Kyuubi's Undying Love Ch. 8
Chapter 8 pt.2
(With Naru)
After laying the ground works of how they were going to deal with the arrival of their little wonder, Naruto assured Kyuu-chan that nothing was going to go wrong. They lacked experience in these parental matters, but if they handled the basics right then it shouldn't be too difficult.
Their plan consisted of gradual gathering. Eventually they would have to invest quite a hefty amount on new baby supplies, but for now they would check out the market. Things like newborn clothing and such would be a must anyway. After their discussion Kyuubi felt much more at ease. Her husband had that sort of effect on her. He never rushed anything. He was always reserved and investigated before taking action.
(Half an hour later)
She wanted her husband to stay near her, but knew that was impossible. He had to go to work now. Maybe the reason behind her clinginess was the terrifying prospect of becoming a mother. Kyuubi certainly wanted to give Naruto his personal space, but f
:iconnitro854:nitro854 8 1
Kyuubi's Undying Love Ch. 8
Chapter 8; Life
Slits of sunlight penetrated the serenity of their perfect home. For one couple, things were different than ever before. They had finally gone all the way. The experience was simply magnificent. Never in all her life did Kyuu-chan imagine that it would come. She had waited all this time and was finally rewarded for her efforts. She wasn't disappointed one bit. Her little baby was everything she expected and more.
The red haired beauty gradually awoke to the warming of her own skin to find that she was lying naked on top of her husband. Embarrassment quickly set in as she tried to pull away. Feeling a slight tug at her chest, she examined the cause. Her left nipple was tightly latched by a pair of attractive lips.
Kyuubi couldn't help but blush. Even in his sleep, Naruto had her on his mind. It was something that was unique to him. To her knowledge, based on what she had studied, most men only paid attention to their wives when they wanted something. She blushed furiousl
:iconnitro854:nitro854 7 1
Kyuubi's Undying Love Ch. 7
Chapter 7 pt. 3
(At the hospital)
Naruto had returned shortly after his bathing detour last night and had himself a wonderful dream where he and Kyuubi had both been quite daring in bed. Feeling himself aroused at his sudden perverted thoughts, he suppressed it. "Stupid orange book…"
He knew Kyuubi would come back today but he didn't know when. Imagine his disbelief when a red blur rushed into his room and tackled him. It was so fast he couldn't properly defend himself in time. Knocking him over a flurry of kisses landed everywhere.
"Kyuu-chan I'm glad….that you love me so much but I can't breathe with you like this." Naruto struggled as he squirmed under her pressure. It had never occurred to her that she was hurting him so Kyuubi stopped abruptly.
Kyuubi looked so excited to be with him again, she was almost too happy to talk. "Oh shut up and kiss me again." Planting her lips in a passionate contact with his, Kyuubi expressed all that she could. Hugging him desperately, she
:iconnitro854:nitro854 6 1
Kyuubi's Undying Love Ch. 7
Chapter 7 pt.2
(Back in Konoha)
As the day slowly drew to a close, it was time for them to part ways. He couldn't possibly ask her to stay over night. Kyuubi had sacrificed so much of her free time to look over him that it would be selfish for him to request such a thing. "You should really get going Kyuu-chan. You've done so much for me and you need rest." They had spent the majority of the afternoon talking about the things that had occurred while he was out.
From what Kyuubi told him, Sasuke was in big trouble. He accidentally got into a misunderstanding with his wife and now she was going to incredible lengths to ignore him. Apparently it was the talk of the village. Myths surrounded the supposed divorce they were going to get but Naruto knew it wouldn't happen. He was the one who helped Sasuke court Mickey so he knew of her character. It most likely must have been something about sex. They would resolve it sooner or later. Aside from that nothing else really happened.
Kyuubi looke
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Kyuubi's Undying Love Ch. 7
Chapter 7: Becoming a Man
The sight in front of them was truly wonderful. A bonding of the body and soul, with this marriage now fully approved they were to become one big family. The hug lasted as long, if not longer than the parents would have hoped. They were very for it.
Parting only slightly, Naruto brushed a few strands of hair away from Kyuubi's forehead as he smirked. Shuffling away from her, Naruto attempted to deal with other matters at hand. Turning to face Kyuubi's parents Naruto remained professional.
Thinking of the perfect way to word his statement, Naruto didn't want to be rude. "I apologize for my earlier behaviour. It was unjust of me to act that way." Giving a bow of the head, Naruto was genuine. If they were going to be family then the least he could do was show respect even if he didn't fully like them.
Both parents were noticeably impressed by his manners. "Oh don't Uzumaki-chan. We should be the ones apologizing right now." Giving a giggle at his childishness, Ky
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Kyuubi's Undying Love Ch.6
Chapter 6 pt. 3
(The Next Day)
Naruto woke with a start, bed head was apparent as he rubbed the drowsiness out from his vision. He had gotten little sleep yesterday. His body ached, brain numbed, and his stomach was queasy as if he had just thrown up or was about to.
Experiencing a slight tug at his pajamas, he eyed the beauty next to him. She was so peaceful. Upon further inspection; however, Naruto notices that she was…crying…Why was she upset all of a sudden? She was so lively yesterday. It was weird.
It had never occurred to him that she was in anguish over him, even with her belief in him, Kyuubi couldn't stop herself from worrying. In short, she had a nightmare yesterday evening, in a frightful attempt to rid herself of the emotional pain, she latched herself by hand and never released.
It was a wander why, with his lack of rest that he hadn't been awoken yesterday night. Perhaps he really did sleep more than he thought. Crawling away, he couldn't budge. Kyuubi held on
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